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Switch to Bank of Denver

The Bank of Denver - Locally owned, checking, savings, CD’s, loans
Do you enjoy the personal recognition you receive when a Customer Service Representative knows you by name? Enjoy this friendly atmosphere with NO Service Fees, FREE checks and a FREE Visa® Debit Card for one year with our Free Checking Account.

E-Switch Kit
We have made switching accounts to Bank of Denver easy with our Switch Kit. It includes all the forms you need to begin using our services. Use the convenient forms to close your accounts, change your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals. If you need help completing any of them, just stop by any of our branches or give us a call.

Open your new account. Your first step is to open your new account at the Bank of Denver. Once this account is in place, you have access to all of our benefits and other accounts. You can stop by any of our convenient branches to open your new account.

Close your old accounts. Be sure to leave your old accounts active long enough to allow outstanding checks and electronic withdrawals to go through. Leave enough money in place to cover these transactions. This process may take several weeks. Once, you're sure that the old accounts are inactive; you can ask your previous financial institution to send you the balance from that account. Then you can destroy your old checks, ATM/debit cards and deposit slips.

Switch your automatic transactions. The enclosed forms will help you contact the companies and financial institutions which handle your automatic deposits and withdrawals. We'll be happy to help you with any of these forms. Use this checklist to keep track of the people you may need to contact.

Download the PDF with the necessary Switch Kit forms.

Use this check list to make sure that you have contacted all of the people and firms that require notification of your new account at Bank of Denver. People have different situations. Revise this list to suit your individual needs.
    Your employer's human resources department
    The company handling your retirement or pension payments
    Social Security Administration
    Mortgage Company
    Homeowners insurance
    Auto insurance
    Life insurance
    Utility companies
    Telephone Company

Switch your online banking bill pay. Once you have set up your Bank of Denver online banking you can switch your bill payees and payments. Here's what to do:
• Log in to your Bank of Denver online banking.
• Open a new browser window and log in to your old bank's online banking.
• With both browser windows side-by-side, enter payees and scheduled payments from your previous bank's online banking system into Bank of Denver's.

Don't forget to cancel/delete the payments from your previous bank's online banking system.

You're done! Thank you for choosing Bank of Denver! We hope that you will take advantage of all the great accounts and services we offer.